Welcome Back Karla

Karla Schafer

Karla Schafer, Auntie’s Beads Designer

Auntie’s Beads is happy to welcome back the ever popular Karla Schafer! You may have already noticed the new Projects of the Week she’s been doing for the last couple of weeks. You’ll also find her posting on Facebook, answering your questions and posting jewelry design tips and techniques. So many of you have been requesting new beading project videos, and Karla will be doing that too very soon.

Want to contact Karla?  Want to show her a photo of your latest design or ask a question??  Simply login to your Auntie’s Beads account to send a message to our design team!  We love to hear from you and so does Karla!

And finally, I’m sure you’ll see Karla posting right here to our blog in the near future.

Welcome, Karla!

Ron Henderson is CEO and co-founder of Auntie's Beads, Inc. Ron likes to stay on top of eCommerce technology, and thrives on having smart and creative people around him. Basically, whiteboards don't stay white for long when he's around. When not working, Ron enjoys tennis, chess, and playing with his best buddy and grandson Sawyer.

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