Swarovski Shift – 5301 to 5328 “Xilion” Bicone

CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements is coming out with a new line of Swarovski Crystals.  In fact, it’s a new and improved Swarovski crystal bicone bead called the “Xilion” cut.  This new #5328 Swarovski bead will be replacing the #5301 faceted bicones. So we wanted to give you guys a heads up about how we’re doing this transition.

New Xilion Swarovski Bicone

The new cut will help prevent imitations of the crystal as the 5328′s will emanate a higher degree of light refraction.

We’ll be adding this as a new category called “Swarovski Xilion Bicones (5328)” at the top of Swarovski Crystal Beads.  New colors will be added as time goes by as we fade out our 5301 bicones.  Some of the 5301′s will be reordered until they’re all gone, some of which have already officially been retired.  If you see a color in the 5328 Xilion Bicones category, then that means there will be no more orders for the 5301 in that color.  So be sure to stock up on the extremely limited supply of 5301 bicones.

Kelly Henderson

Kelly Henderson is a jewelry designer and editor of the Auntie's Beads blog. When she's not beading, you might find her chasing her one-year-old son, Sawyer, watching bad reality TV or reading a good book.

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