Embellished Ladder Stitch Bracelets – An Overwhelming Response

Ladder Stitch Bracelet

Ladder Stitch Bracelet

I was just going through my email from the weekend and was hit with more beautiful pictures of embellished ladder stitch bracelets! I am not sure I have ever made a video with such a pictorial response! It is so amazing that you all continue to encourage me with the videos, but the fact that I see almost instantly what you all have created, is really overwhelming to me!

I sometimes feel challenged as to what to bring to you…can I do this right, will I look stupid or am I confident enough to do that on video! It really is a process to put yourself out there like this. I struggle many times just to get it right. I tend to be a perfectionist in certain areas of my life, my beading being one of them, though not perfect indeed. But I want things to be a certain way or I will not do it. So the encouragement, the emails, the testimonials, if you will, that I receive from everyone that watches my videos really means a lot to me, so Thank you!

Keep the ideas coming, continue to encourage each other and I hope that we can all continue to inspire everyone with our ideas!

Karla Schafer, Designer for Auntie’s Beads

Karla Schafer

Karla Schafer began beading at age 5 after her Grandmother taught her how to bead crochet. She graduated the University of North Texas in '93 with her BBA in Fashion Marketing. Now she is a Lead Designer for Auntie's Beads and star of the innovative video series, Karla Kam!

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