New Customer Service Feature

I just wanted to briefly introduce you to our new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.  We are using it to greatly improve our response time to customer inquiries.  It also helps us get you to the right person so we can answer your questions and resolve your customer service inquiries more accurately.  Give our system a try for order inquiries, design questions, technical issues, or basically anything you want to talk to us about.  Compliments are acceptable, too!

It’s really easy to use.  Just log in to your account on the web site and go to the My Account page and click Add Request.  Your account info is pre-filled, so all you have to do is choose a department, enter a subject line, and the text of your request.  Right there on the My Account page you can see all your Requests in the last 30 days in case you need to review anything.

Submit a Ticket

We put the highest priority on responding to CRM tickets, day and night.  In most cases it is going to be far better than calling us, leaving voice mails, emails, notes on orders, etc.  You should expect a response (which also goes to your email) to any ticket within 48 hours, but usually much faster.

We pride ourselves on having the best customer service possible.  If that is not happening, let me know — set up a ticket and ask for me personally!!

Ron Henderson is CEO and co-founder of Auntie's Beads, Inc. Ron likes to stay on top of eCommerce technology, and thrives on having smart and creative people around him. Basically, whiteboards don't stay white for long when he's around. When not working, Ron enjoys tennis, chess, and playing with his best buddy and grandson Sawyer.

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