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Kelly McCoyYou may already know Auntie’s Beads designer, Kelly McCoy, as the designer of Project of the Week.  But, to celebrate the return of Auntie’s Beads Instructional Videos, we’ve decided to post a little bio blog to help you get to know her better.
Kelly is the proud Social Networking and Jewelry Design Manager of Auntie’s Beads, where she has worked for the past 7 years.  Auntie’s Beads has been like a home away from home for her as she toiled away first as an undergraduate studying Psychology and then a graduate student studying Counseling Psychology.  She earned her Master’s of Science from The University of North Texas in 2010. Starting out as an order filler, Kelly had the Coffee Bean & Cheeseburgeropportunity to admire beads for quite a while before finally picking a few up to actually make something.  Needless to say, she fell in love with beading.She has been married for three years to her silly, loud and ambitious husband, Clint.  They have three adorable “children” together; Cheeseburger, a chihuahua/terrier mix; Coffee Bean, a Shepherd mix; and Sookie, a small striped cat.  Besides beading, Kelly enjoys many hobbies including watching her favorite television shows while drinking cheap champagne, rollerblading with Coffee Bean, shopping for things she does not need and spending lots of time with her beloved friends and family.  In particular, she loves to dote on her 5-month-old nephew, Gideon.  Kelly has a strange, goofy personality and probably talks too much.  She is rather the office prankster, doing things like putting fried chicken in bead bins, dancing in the fill room and spraying people’s necks from behind with canned air.  Obnoxious but loveable, Kelly enjoys what she does at Auntie’s Beads very, very much.

We hope you enjoy the new How to Make Wrap Bracelets video, and stay tuned, because we have MANY more videos to come!

Kelly's nephew Gideon

Kelly’s nephew Gideon

Kelly Henderson

Kelly Henderson is a jewelry designer and editor of the Auntie's Beads blog. When she's not beading, you might find her chasing her one-year-old son, Sawyer, watching bad reality TV or reading a good book.

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