Make Your Own French Ear Wires

French Hook Ear WiresFrench Hook Ear Wires (Instructions)

Learn How to create your very own handmade french hook ear wires.   And don’t forget to check back soon to view the full instructions for the “Everyday Elegance” earrings.  You’ll get to use the french wires you create from this post!  These earrings were created by Lisa Hughes Iversen of Angel Whispers Jewelry.

  1. Using a flush cutter, cut a 2″ length of 22 wire. If using a headpin instead of wire, simply cut the head off the pin.  File if needed.
  2. Using a round nose pliers and holding it at the very tip of the wire, roll the pliers away from you, making a very small loop, Turn the wire over so the loop is facing up and place the pliers above the completed loop ( about 1/4″ up the shaft of the pliers)  with your thumb, push the wire under the pliers until it meets up with the small loop.
  3. Using an ink pen, or other small cylinder shape, hold the wire against the pen with your thumb, with the edge of the loop snug against your thumb. Using your other hand, bend the long end of the wire around the barrel of the pen.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 with the second wire.
  5. Compare the ear wires when finished and make adjustments by bending, or by putting the wires back over the pen together and pulling on the wire.
  6. Using a flat nose pliers, hold the very end of the ear wire and make a slight bend by tilting the pliers toward you.
  7. If available, place ear wires on a steel block or anvil and tap lightly with a chasing hammer to harden.
  8. Open larger loop slightly and slip earring on by sliding it up from the end to the loop area. Close loop and repeat with second earring.

Tools & Materials Needed:

22 gauge wire or 2 inch sterling silver head pins
Flat Nose Pliers
Round Nose Pliers

Chain Nose Pliers
Flush cutter
Steel block or anvil
Chasing Hammer

French Wire Instructions provided by Lisa Hughes Iversen of Angel Whispers Jewelry

Kelly Henderson

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