Just Rosy Bracelet Project Instructions

Just Rosy Beaded Bracelet

We had a great response from everyone with the Bracelet Giveaway.  Thanks to all those who participated.  We have a few people out there who were wanting instructions for the Just Rosy bracelet so here they are.  Enjoy!

Step 1. Use your nipper tool to cut 2, 24” pieces of beading wire.

Step 2. String a crimp bead onto one piece of wire, loop it around one of the loops on your 2 strand clasp, and then thread it (going in the opposite direction) back through your crimp bead. Crimp your crimp bead and leave just enough extra wire to string through your first onyx or sterling silver bead.

Step 3. Repeat this process with one end of your other piece of beading wire.

Step 4. On the right piece of beading wire, string 2 sterling silver beads. On the left piece, string 3 onyx  beads.

Step 5. Take your right piece of beading wire (the one with 2 sterling silver beads) and string it through the third onyx bead on your left piece of wire. String your right wire in the bead where your left wire comes out of the bead (they will be going in opposite directions). Pull tightly.

Step 6.  The side on which you string your onyx beads will switch each time.  First you put 3 onyx beads on left, 2 sterling silver beads on the right, string the right through the left and pull as in Step 5.   Next you will put 3 onyx beads on the right, 2 sterling silver beads on the left, string the left through the right and pull.  Then you go back to how you did it in Step 5.  Continue alternating until your bracelet reaches about half your desired length.

Step 7.  Now it’s time to attach the rose centerpiece bead.  To do this, string 1 onyx bead on each strand of wire. Then string your right piece of wire horizontally through the hole in your rose bead from right to left.  String your left piece horizontally left to right.  Pull gently.

Step 8. String 1 onyx bead on each piece of wire.  Then string both pieces of wire through a third onyx bead, the right piece from right to left and the left piece from left to right.  Pull gently, and begin weaving again as you did in step 4.

Step 9.  When you’re finished weaving, attach each end of your wire to your 2 strand clasp as you did in step 2. Make sure it lies correctly (isn’t twisted) before you crimp.

Materials and Tools Needed:

(These links will take you directly to the product page where they can be ordered)

Onyx Round Strand, 3 mm
Sterling Silver Seamless Beads, 3mm, Bag of 25 (2 bags)
Silver Plated 2-Strand Slide Lock Clasp, 16 x 6mm
Pewter Rose Bead, Silver, 7mm
Crimp Beads, Bag of 50, 2 x 2 mm
Beadalon 49-strand Wire, 100 ft., .015

Kelly Henderson

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