June Contest Winners

Ron Henderson

Ron Henderson, CEO

For the month of June, we asked you to pump up your product reviews, and you guys came through with flying colors. Winners were selected based on both quality and quantity of reviews. Here are are top 10 finishers and the rewards points they were awarded.

Place Name     Points
1 Kate Kemp 1600
2 Maryll McVay 700
3 Shelby Crecraft 700
4 Dawn Catinella 700
5 Angela Irvine 700
6 Patti Adcock 350
7 Deborah Black 350
8 Tiana King 350
9 Paula Hodgkins 350
10 Ann McAdams 350


Quality reviews help other beaders in their purchase decisions and with design ideas. They also help us to know when products have quality issues, or maybe just need some additional instruction on how to use them. Keep those great reviews coming in, and remember, you can also review projects and videos as well as products.

Ron Henderson is CEO and co-founder of Auntie's Beads, Inc. Ron likes to stay on top of eCommerce technology, and thrives on having smart and creative people around him. Basically, whiteboards don't stay white for long when he's around. When not working, Ron enjoys tennis, chess, and playing with his best buddy and grandson Sawyer.

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