Jewelry Making Project: DIY Tassels for Earrings, Bracelets and More!

Tassels are all the rage in jewelry making right now.  Don’t believe me?  Check out all these beautiful designs I found on Etsy.  You can buy tassels ready-made or make your own out of leather, suede or chain using the instructions below.  Dangle them from ear wires, make them into a cool, long necklace or hang them from chain for a funky and fun bracelet!

Make Your Own Tassels with Chain 

Tough Tassels Earring Project
Metal Tassel Earrings

Dangle chain from a homemade headpin. Add a bead cap cone and you have a cool tassel.

  1.  Cut a 3 inch piece of silver, 20 gauge Artistic Wire.
  2. Using the widest part of your round nose pliers, make a large loop at the end of the wire.
  3. Cut 4 pieces of chain in the following lengths: 1 inch, 1.25 inch, one just a hair over 1.5 inch and one just a hair under 1.5 inch.
  4. Open the loop you created in step 2. Hang all four chain lengths from it and then gently close the loop using your chain nose pliers.
  5. Place the bead cap on the headpin.  Use the smallest part of your round nose pliers to make a loop above it and wrap the wire around itself a few times. Trim the excess wire with your nipper tool.
  6. Use your chain nose pliers to open the eye of your earring finding.  Hang your tassel from it, gently close it and you’re done.  Repeat for a second earring.
Materials Needed:


Make your own Tassels with Suede or Leather

Auntie’s Beads owner, Susie, made her own tassel by wrapping together some leather with Artistic Wire, placing them in a bead cap and flattening the bead cap.  It was the inspiration for Karla’s project, The Leather and Chain Tassel Bracelet.


Susie's Tassel Bracelet

Susie’s tassel bracelet made with 1mm leather cording.


Click the picture for instructions to make your own suede tassel.

Click the picture for instructions to make your own suede tassel!


Don’t have time to make your own tassels? Buy them!

Bicone and Tassel Earrings

Glam Girl Earrings Project

We have carried simple tassels in both gold plate and silver plate for years, and they are a very popular product. They make designing quick and easy.

Just place a focal bead on an eye pin and attach it to an earwire. Dangle your tassel from the eyepin and you are all set!  Click the photo above for more detailed instructions for how to make these earrings.

Seafoam Colored Suede Tassel

New at Auntie’s Beads: Ready-made suede tassels in 6 different colors!

We recently got in some ready-made suede tassels in black, white, seafoam, pink, blue and yellow.  I can’t wait to make a necklace with one.  I am picturing something very long, maybe 24 inches.

Long Tassel Necklace Inspiration

I’m thinking of creating something like this with the ready-made suede tassels we just got in. Awesome job, Etsy designer milijewelries! Click the photo to browse her shop.

Have you designed with tassels yet?  What have you made?  As always, we would love to have your feedback!

Kelly Henderson

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