5 Jewelry Making Ideas for your Little Black Dress



Every girl needs a Little Black Dress

One of the best things about being a jewelry designer and having beading know-how is you can make your own custom piece of jewelry to go with any dress in your closet.  One dress I know we all have in our repertoire is the classic “little black dress” or LBD for short.  In this article, I will discuss 5 different looks you can create with a simple LBD, all by adding the right pieces of jewelry.

Because the truth is, you can do exponentially more with an LBD when you take the time to make the right jewelry. It’s all about figuring out the look you are trying to achieve, and knowing what sort of pieces will get you there. Here are some ways to use your jewelry making talents to take that Little Black Dress and change it into a statement piece all its own.


The Look: Classic

Pearl Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings

A simple set of pearls compliments a LBD perfectly.

I am someone who loves the feeling of nostalgia and reminiscing on “the good ol’ days” when times were simpler. (I mean, I have a tattoo of Lucille Ball if that gives you an idea!) We may have to fight with iPhones and crazy traffic jams today, but you can look as effortless and carefree as those early childhood days. To go for a more Audrey Hepburn-type look with your dress, less is definitely more. Simply straight-string some pretty glass pearls and add a classic lobster clasp.  Pair with some matching pearl earrings and you’re set. Don’t feel like you need to overdo it with lots of bracelets and rings.



Simple Pearl Necklace

“The Ultimate Classic Necklace Project” is perfect if you are going for a classic look with your LBD. Click the photo for complete instructions and materials list
















The Look: Edgy

Gold Two Finger Ring for a LBD

A 2-finger ring looks great with a LBD

I love funky, unique styles. Stir your little black dress up a bit with a choker necklace, or a two-finger ring. Wear a large cuff bracelet. Metallic jewelry pieces are great for this look.










Metallic Cuff Bracelets

These spiked cuff bracelets give a simple LBD some edge.

Don’t shy away from rocker style jewelry like skulls and spikes.  A little black dress is so feminine itself, you can get away with more masculine style jewelry.  When you’re wearing your LBD is the perfect time to adorn some jewelry that’s more “rough around the edges” than what you would usually wear.






Chunky Leather Bracelet

Try this leather bracelet project to add edge to your LBD. Click the photo for complete materials list and instructions


















The Look: Fun and Flirty

So you want to go to the amusement park for the day in your LBD? Put some color in it. Primary colors are yellow, blue and red. Secondary colors are anything made from mixing those. So, your best options will be mixing colors that are near each other on the color wheel as long as they are similarly light or dark.

Fun and Flirty Jewelry

Brightly colored jewelry adds contrast and interest to your LBD

Since a little black dress is one solid, sleek color, you can get away with adding bold dashes of other hues to your outfit with your jewelry pieces.  Try adding a red  necklace, or a purple bangle to make your LBD a little more fun and carefree.





Seed Bead and Silver Necklace

Try this colorful necklace project to add flirtatious fun to your LBD. Click the photo for complete instructions and materials list













The Look: Dressy

LBD with statement jewelry

Neutral colored statement pieces are a great way to turn your LBD formal

When you’ve got a fancy dinner date or holiday party to attend, that’s a great time to make  a statement piece.  Chose some stand-out focal beads or some large, stylish chain and create a necklace others will envy.  When putting together your outfit, just pick one area to focus on and go subtle with everything else. For instance, if you choose to do earrings, wear some bold dangles, but leave your neck bare.  Similarly, if you wear a larger, eye-catching necklace, skip the earrings altogether.







Black Statement Earrings

For a dressy look, try making a pair of statement earrings like the “Contemporary Classic Earrings Project”- click the photo for materials list and instructions
















The Look: Business-y

If you’ve got an interview or you need to look put-together at the office, again, don’t go crazy with the accessories. Put together some simple silver jewelry. A pair of studs and a lightweight bracelet will more than do the trick.  Don’t overwhelm your LBD with distracting jewelry if all you have on your agenda is a day in front of your computer screen.

Beaded Bracelet

This neutral colored, simple beaded bracelet project is perfect for the office. Click the photo for complete materials list and instructions

I hope these suggestions have given you some ideas for how to take that dress in your closet up a notch. If nothing else, I want to inspire you to put on that jewelry and play a little dress-up to see what looks of your own you come up with!  The best part about being a jewelry artist is you can make custom jewelry that suits your tastes exactly! Which of these five looks is your favorite? Have you made jewelry that goes well with a little black dress?  We would love to hear about it!

Courtney Henderson

Courtney is your friendly (after her morning coffee) Customer Service Manager. She has been with Auntie's Beads from the beginning and loves getting to work behind-the-scenes in such a unique field. When she isn't working you can find Courtney playing with her dog/child Molly, or taking a long bath with a pile of books at her side. If you see her out, she'll be the one in the 5-inch heels!


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