Extreme Bead Sale

As regular Auntie’s Beads shoppers know, we have a great bead sale every week, and sometimes 2 or 3! What you may not know is Google is getting really good at finding our sales and posting links to them right away. In fact, they sometimes “crawl” our site and index our sale pages before we can even get them online!

Presidents Day Sale BannerSo here’s a tip: Google the phrase “extreme bead sale” any time you want to see what’s cooking at Auntie’s Beads.  You’ll probably see several listings, including our SmartBeadShopping™ page that shows every single item that’s on sale in our product database at any given moment, all in one place.

Other tips: our Extreme Bead Sales normally do not require a coupon, so don’t bother looking for one on some other bead coupon web site. Not necessary. And you’ll always see our current sale banner on the home page, as well as the top link (in a nice teal color) on the left sidebar of every page on our website, for example:

Specialty Beads, Pendants Sale

Finally, sign up for our promos and offers newsletter to get email notices as soon as a sale is on (Opt in to our newsletter now). We also Tweet and Facebook post our sales. Take advantage of every opportunity to get a jump on our Extreme Bead Sales, because supplies are often limited and we cannot wait list or rain check our sale items for the sale price.

Oh yeah, one more “finally”: by all means, become a Beader’s Advantage member before you shop! We now have instant activation, and it’s an automatic 10% off of everything, including 10% more off the sale price items, with free domestic U.S. shipping for a year.

In short, we’re continuing the raise the bar on bringing you a great web bead shopping experience. Enjoy and let us know your feedback on our sales.

Ron Henderson is CEO and co-founder of Auntie's Beads, Inc. Ron likes to stay on top of eCommerce technology, and thrives on having smart and creative people around him. Basically, whiteboards don't stay white for long when he's around. When not working, Ron enjoys tennis, chess, and playing with his best buddy and grandson Sawyer.

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