DIY Lightbox for Photographing your Jewelry

I’m sure most of you have heard the concept of a ‘lightbox’. A lightbox can be as simple as a box with a light over the top (and sides) to properly light the subject you are photographing. DIY lightbox for photographyWe use a light box here at the bead warehouse to photograph our products and it works wonders!  A lightbox is superior to a single light because it ensures that all angels of the piece are receiving adequate lighting.  Click Here to read an ingenious article that I ran across on how to make your own lightbox. If anyone has questions feel free to comment below and I’d be happy to answer!

Anthon Plake

Anthon Plake is Auntie's Beads technology go-to guy. Anthon specializes in filming, editing, and managing Auntie's Beads YouTube videos as well as photographing new products and creating imagery for category pages, sales, beading projects, etc. While he's not at Auntie's Beads, you can typically find him in one of his college classrooms, behind a computer or camera at church, or in a garage tinkering with his car.

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    I found this helpfu.l Thanks
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