DIY holiday necklaces

Create Your Own Holiday Necklaces
I love love love cutesy holiday stuff. Well anything tiny and adorable really.  I can’t help it, I find it irresistable.  So for this approaching holiday season, I decided to use our Create Your Own line of pendants and some darling stickers I found to make some very charming little necklaces.

Make Your Own Holiday Necklaces

You can make these yourself by cutting a piece of your favorite colored cardstock (thick paper) into the shape of the pendant.  Then, simply decorate it.  I used holiday stickers, but you can do ANYTHING. You can use stickers, wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, you could glue down a charm, flatbacks, etc.  You can go cutesy, classic pretty, pet themed, personalized… whatever you can think of.  You could make one for every outfit!  The neat thing is you can switch the piece of cardstock out whenever you want and bam- it’s a new necklace.
Watch this video to see how to make the leather necklace you hang the pendant on.  FYI, the bail on these pendants is big enough to fit over the bali hook and eye clasp (all sizes we carry, even up to 4mm) so, if you use that, you can switch the color of your leather from day-to-day too.
♥ Kelly
Kelly Henderson

Kelly Henderson is a jewelry designer and editor of the Auntie's Beads blog. When she's not beading, you might find her chasing her one-year-old son, Sawyer, watching bad reality TV or reading a good book.

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