Desert Flower Necklace

This project begins with a simple St. Petersburg chain, which is then embellished with seed bead loops and a pretty focal bead.  The carved bone rectangle and warm seed bead colors create the feel of a desert sunset.  Once you know the technique, you can create different looks by changing the length of the fringe, alternating colors, or using unique focal beads.

Desert Flower Necklace, created by Mortira vanPelt of Inspirational Beading

Desert Flower Necklace

Create a Toggle Clasp:

1. On about 1 yard of Fireline, attach a stop bead, leaving a 6 inch tail.
2. Create a panel of odd-count peyote stitch, using root beer seed beads.  The panel should be 13 beads high and 4 beads wide.
3. Fold the edges of the panel together, and use peyote stitch to zip up the sides, forming a tube.  Retrace the thread path and exit from the opposite end of the tube.
4. Pick up 3 ruby seed beads, and stitch down into the next seed bead in the tube.  Stitch up through the following root beer bead in the row.
5. Pick up 3 ruby seed beads, and stitch down through the remaining seed bead at the end of the tube.
6. Stitch up through the next root beer bead in the tube, and the following ruby seed bead of the picot on top.
7. Pick up 1 ruby seed bead, and stitch down through the next picot, and into the tube.  Repeat on the other side.
8. Remove the stop bead, and thread a needle on the tail.  Repeat steps 4-7 to add picots to the other end of the tube.
9. Weave in the tail threads, and secure them with one or two half-hitch knots.  Pull the final knot into an adjacent bead, and trim the threads.

Desert Flower Necklace

Necklace Base:

1. Cut 2.5 yards of Fireline, and secure a stop bead with a 10 inch tail.
2. Pick up 6 root beer seed beads, and slide them to the stop bead.  Stitch up through the 2 middle seed beads (the 3rd and 4th picked up), and pull tight.  This will form two stacks of beads in a P shape.
3. Pick up 1 root beer bead and stitch down through the top 3 seed beads in the longer stack from the previous step.  Pull the thread snug.
4. Pick up 1 yellow seed bead, and stitch up through the smaller, 2 bead stack.
5. Pick up 4 root beer beads, and stitch up through the first 2.  Pull tight.
6. Repeat steps 3-5 51 times.  Add the final yellow seed bead.
7. Pick up 36 root beer seed beads.  Stitch back down through the first 2, and continue down through the final stack of beads in the chain.
8. Weave the remaining thread into the beadwork, tying a few half-hitch knots, and trim.
9. Repeat Steps 1-6 to create a second chain.
10. After adding the final 8/0 bead, pick up 10 root beer beads, and stitch through a center bead in the peyote toggle.  Stitch back down through the 10 beads and into the chain.
11. Weave in the remaining thread.


1.  Attach a stop bead to about 3 yards of Fireline, leaving a 6 inch tail.  Stitch down through one of the chains, entering just below the clasp, and exit from the bottom of the last yellow 8/0.
2. Pick up 15 ruby seed beads, and stitch back up through the 8/0 bead.  Pull tight to form a loop.
3. Pick up 5 ruby seed beads, and stitch down through the next 8/0 seed bead in the chain.
4. Repeat Steps 2 and 3, making sure that the working thread exits behind the previous loops as you stitch.
5. Add the final loop of 15 ruby seed beads, and stitch up through the 8/0 and into the stack of root beer seed beads above it.
6.  To connect the chains, stitch down through the first stack of root beer seed beads in the second chain, exiting from the bottom.  Do not weave in the thread.
7. Repeat Steps 1-6 for the other chain, making sure that the fringe is on the correct side.  The two chains should mirror each other.
8. Remove the stop beads from the tails at the clasps, and weave in the thread.  Retrace the thread path through the loop and toggle to add strength.  Trim the tails.

Attach the Focal:

1. Remove the original stop beads from both chains.  With one of the threads, pick up 2 root beer seed beads, one 8/0, the focal bead, one 8/0 and 2 root beer seed beads.
2. Skipping the last root beer seed bead, stitch back up through all of the beads just added, and up through the final stack of the opposite chain.
3. Weave in the remaining thread with a few half hitch knots.  Exit from the back of the beadwork and trim the thread.
4. Pick up each of the remaining threads one at a time, and retrace the thread path of the focal section.  Weave in the tails, and trim.


Adding the scalloped fringe will cause the St. Petersburg chain to curve slightly.  Make sure that your tension is even throughout, and the finished chain will have a nice, smooth shape.

The seed bead fringe covers the 8/0 beads almost completely.  In this piece, they show up well because the ruby beads are transparent, and create a distinct contrast.  If your bead choices are similar in color or finish, the 8/0 beads will be hidden within the beadwork.

Materials and Tools Needed:

8g 11/0 transparent rootbeer seed beads
10g 11/0 transparent ruby seed beads
5g 8/0 opaque yellow seed beads
1 carved bone focal
12-15 yds. Fireline Crystal 6lb test

Created by Mortira vanPelt of Inspirational Beading

Kelly Henderson

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