Gemstone Beads & Pendants – Is it a Defective Stone?


When dealing with natural stones, we must remember that not all is perfect, which to me, makes it more beautiful. Janice from our Customer Service Department will often bring me pieces that have been sent back by a customer, reported as damaged. I often find what she is showing me is not damaged at all, just a geode in the stone!

So what is a Geode, you may ask…according to the dictionary it is as follows:
geĀ·ode [jee-ohd] noun
1. a hollow concretionary or nodular stone often lined with crystals.
2. the hollow or cavity of this.
3. any similar formation.

I personally seek those pendants and stones that contain that unique mark. I like them, to me it is a peek inside the workings of that stone, that little beauty that we get from the earth.

So just a note next time you order a natural stone, shell or pearl, remember, they were made, taken from nature and all it’s glory, though still not perfect but naturally beautiful!

Karla Schafer, Designer and Blogger for Auntie’s Beads

Karla Schafer

Karla Schafer began beading at age 5 after her Grandmother taught her how to bead crochet. She graduated the University of North Texas in '93 with her BBA in Fashion Marketing. Now she is a Lead Designer for Auntie's Beads and star of the innovative video series, Karla Kam!

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