Color Inspirations from Nature

When I ask our beading community what they use as inspiration for their jewelry pieces, like in this post about Winter 2011 color trends, I inevitably receive responses referring to nature.  Everywhere you look outdoors there are naturally made color palettes; hues that compliment each other more perfectly than any design even the most creative human artist could come up with.

It’s easy to take for granted the scenery around you because we’re exposed to it so often.  I used photos of landscapes and plantlife taken by others for my inspiration today, but I think I may even begin a small career in amateur photography.  Just walking down the street this morning, I saw inspiration in the colors everywhere- from trees, to birds, to buildings.


Below is a photo of a peaceful sunset over the shores of a calm beach.  It inspired a mix of BronzitePicture JasperChinese Crystal and Miyuki Seed Beads.
Beach Shore

Photo credit:

Beach Inspired Beads
Picture Jasper Coin Pendant, 30mm
Bronzite Round Bead Strand, 8mm
Angelic Crystal Rondelle Bead Strand, Lt. Amethyst AB, 4x6mm
Chinese Crystal Rondelle Strand, Wheat AB, 6x8mm
Chinese Crystal Long Rondelle Bead Strand, White Linen, 3x5mm
Miyuki 6-13f, Matte S/L DK Smoky Amethyst
Miyuki 6-3215, Magic Golden Peach Lined Crystal
Miyuki 6-131f, Matte Crystal


A photo of a deep blue flower inspired a mix of Swarovski CrystalOnyxBlue LapisChinese Crystal and Miyuki Seed Beads.
Blue Flower

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 Blue Flower Inspired Beads
Swarovski Crystal, 8mm Round, Faceted, Fuchsia
Swarovski Crystal, 4mm Round, Purple Velvet
Onyx Round Strand, 8mm
Chinese Crystal 38mm Beaded Bead, Opaque Plum
Miyuki Seed Bead Mix, Blueberry Pie, 8/0
Chinese Crystal Rondelle Bead Strand, Opaque Periwinkle, 9x12mm
Chinese Crystal Long Rondelle Bead Strand, Deep Aqua, 6x8mm
Swarovski Crystal, 6mm Xilion Bicone, Dark Indigo
Blue Lapis Round Bead Strand, 6mm


Finally, an autumn scene of pretty evergreen trees surrounding a serene lake inspired a mix of TurquoiseGlass PearlsSwarovski CrystalAntique Copper and Miyuki Seed Beads.
Autumn Inspired Beads
Autumn Trees

Photo credit:

Autumn Turquoise Rondelle Bead Strand, 8mm
Burnt Orange Turquoise 4mm Round Bead Strand
Burnt Orange Turquoise 10mm Round Bead Strand
Chocolate Turquoise Howlite 8mm Round Beads Strand
Red Turquoise 6mm Round Bead Strand
Glass Pearl 10mm Bead Strand, Evergreen
Swarovski Crystal, 6mm Bicone, Sun
Swarovski Crystal, 6mm Xilion Bicone, Topaz
Swarovski Crystal, 6mm Xilion Bicone, Olivine
Swarovski Crystal, 8mm Round, Faceted, Siam
Miyuki Seed Bead Mix, Autumn, 8/0
Antique Copper Wired 30mm Ball


Are you inspired by nature?  A particular photo?  Please share!  Need more help with inspiration?  Check out this blog post, Beating Beader’s Block.


Kelly Henderson

Kelly Henderson is a jewelry designer and editor of the Auntie's Beads blog. When she's not beading, you might find her chasing her one-year-old son, Sawyer, watching bad reality TV or reading a good book.

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