“Can’t Stop Me” Beaded Keychain – Instructions

Can't Stop Me Beaded KeychainWe all have way more keys then we want. One to the front door, one to the back door, one to work, one to our car, one to our husbands’ car, one to our gym locker… not to mention those keys you keep for your friends and family in case they get locked out. Add some pretty to your big pile of keys as a little reminder that life is good!


Step 1. Use your nipper tool to cut the loop off the top of your cross charm. Then, cover the back of your charmwith GS hypo cement. Wait about 30 seconds for it to become tacky, then place it in the center of your labradorite pendant. Set it aside to dry.

Step 2. On one headpin string beads following this pattern: 3 small bicones, 1 large bicone, 1 small bicone, 1 large bicone and 1 small bicone.
On another headpin, string: 1 small bicone, 1 rectangle lampwork bead, 1 small bicone, 1 lampwork disc bead, 1 small bicone, 1 square lampwork bead and 1 small bicone.
On another headpin, string: 1 small bicone, 1 large bicone, 3 small bicones and 1 large bicone.On another headpin, string: 1 large bicone, 1 square lampwork bead, 1 small bicone, 1 rectangle lampwork bead, 1 small bicone and 1 lampwork disc bead.

Step 3. For your 2 headpins with just crystal and no lampwork, use your pliers to wire wrap them directly onto the loop below the clip attached to the keyring. For your other two headpins, wire wrap them to a jump ring and then attach the jump ring to the loop below the clip.

Step 4. When the cement holding your charm to your pendant is dry enough that it won’t slip if you move it (you can do this after about 15 minutes if you’re very careful not to touch it), place your pendant on a headpin.Wire wrap the headpin to a jump ring and attach the jump ring to the loop underneath the clip. When the glue dries after about an hour, you’re good to go!

Materials and Tools Needed:

Labradorite Faceted Free Form Pendant, 26 x 36mm (1)
Silver Plated Open Cross Charm with Swirls, 14 x 20mm (1)
Clip Key Ring, 28 x 65mm(1)
Lampwork Rectangle Bead, Green/Brown, 12 x 15mm (2)
Lampwork Square Bead, Green with Tan Stripe, 14mm (2)
Designer Lampwork Disc Focal Bead, White with Brown/Green Swirls, 16mm (2)
Swarovski Crystal, 8mm Xilion Bicone, Smoked Topaz (5)
Swarovski Crystal, 4mm Bicone, Bag of 10, Crystal Vitrail Medium (2)
Nipper Tool (1)
2 1/2 Inch Sterling Silver Head Pin with 4mm Bottom Beading (5)
2 3/4 Inch Bali Sterling Silver Head Pin with 6mm Bottom Bead Cap (pictured)
or Silver Plated 3 Inch Headpins, 21 Gauge, Bag of 10
G-S Hypo Cement (1)
Silver Plate Jump Rings, Open, Bag of 10, 8mm, 18 Gauge (1)

Kelly McCoy, Auntie’s Beads Designer

Kelly Henderson

Kelly Henderson is a jewelry designer and editor of the Auntie's Beads blog. When she's not beading, you might find her chasing her one-year-old son, Sawyer, watching bad reality TV or reading a good book.

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