Beading Withdrawal

Well as most of you know by now, that is if you are on Facebook, I have hurt myself…well really, why did I think I could roller skate after uh um..25 plus years, I mean really…I didn’t fracture the wrist as originally thought, but I have a very nice sprain with a nice lump; that I found out today is the swelling of my tendon lining. One steroid shot later I am back here…in my brace. rollerskates

I will not lie, I am having Beading Withdrawal! Among the other things I can not do, like apply make up with precision, put in my contacts, oh let’s not talk about the hair! I have my days of feeling sorry for myself, especially reading on Facebook and Bead Chat all the fun things you all are doing. Or the Bead Challenge…how about my Kumihimo I started…yeah sits unfinished waiting for me to tackle it again! Poor Susie, I did not get my projects for the Oscar Newsletter done before, my skating fiasco!

But isn’t it funny how passionate we can be about our art? It is an art I think, I have had times when I was “bead” poor, okay so I can’t afford all that right now, but next week… Physically not being able to craft is making me crazy! I know that this is temporary and I am making good use of my beading down time, answering all my emails, posting on Facebook to my beady friends and a project on the back end for the website, thank you Ron, so not all is lost, my mind still works and I am getting quite proficient at driving with one hand!

I thank you all for your thoughts and words of encouragement! You all are the best beady friends I could have!

Karla Schafer

Karla Schafer began beading at age 5 after her Grandmother taught her how to bead crochet. She graduated the University of North Texas in '93 with her BBA in Fashion Marketing. Now she is a Lead Designer for Auntie's Beads and star of the innovative video series, Karla Kam!

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