Beading on the Go!

Ah…it’s fall…besides the change in temperature, it means…Football practice; Softball practice; sitting in front of the school waiting for the kids to come out of their club meetings….and…and…and…

The way I see it, though it is a highly important activity for the kids, it is wasted time for me. I cannot sit idle when there are so many beading projects to be done! So I made myself a portable beading station! I have always been able to sit places and do “handwork” as my mother always referred to her quilting she did, while sitting and waiting for us or in waiting rooms. But pulling out bags of bags of stuff just got to be cumbersome! So I hit the discount store for one of those handy pencil boxes and found a great flat thin one, next I bought from Aunite’s Beads a Tacky Bead Mat and cut down a regular bead mat! It has just enough space for several tubes of beads, needles and small scissors!


I have successfully beaded in my car for two hours of football practice and have been much more productive with those idle hours!

Something else that is helpful, as Shanna and I have been known to bead on the airplane and at the airport, that fingernail clippers can be brought on an airplane! They are quite useful in cutting threads and even beading wire.

As always I like to hear what you all think and I bet you have a few ideas of your own that you want to share!

Karla Schafer

Karla Schafer began beading at age 5 after her Grandmother taught her how to bead crochet. She graduated the University of North Texas in '93 with her BBA in Fashion Marketing. Now she is a Lead Designer for Auntie's Beads and star of the innovative video series, Karla Kam!

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