Beading Brainstorm

"Love Waits" Earrings

“Love Waits” Earrings

Do you brainstorm with others when contemplating a design, about a new finding or bead? I do it quite often in fact, the Love Waits Earring and Necklace Project was a product of such a Beading Brainstorm! Dena, a fellow Auntie’s Employee and Designer, and I were oo’ing and ah’ing over the new spoils Susie had received for the April Color Trends and it prompted some discussion. You know what it is like, we start admiring and I say I want to use this with this…Dena says oh use the antique brass beading chain… Before you know it, I was showing Dena what I had come up with from our discussion and we both share a few more ideas…

You all do it on Facebook in the Auntie’s Bead Chat, we do at Auntie’s…I used to say Susie and I tagged teamed on projects! Be it a beading project or outfitting a new store front. It is great to bounce ideas off of one another. You may not use their idea exactly, but it may spur another idea or thought that ultimately helps you create!

So creating can and is often a Team Sport! Hey…let’s face it sometimes we all need a little help! I know I do!

Karla Schafer, Designer for Auntie’s Beads

Karla Schafer

Karla Schafer began beading at age 5 after her Grandmother taught her how to bead crochet. She graduated the University of North Texas in '93 with her BBA in Fashion Marketing. Now she is a Lead Designer for Auntie's Beads and star of the innovative video series, Karla Kam!

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