Beaded Gifts for the Wedding Party

Weddings are stressful.  There are about a million details to work out from flowers to clothing to wedding favors.  When engrossed in the hustle and bustle of wedding planning, however, it is essential not to forget to get gifts for your wedding party.  They have spent money and time (depending on your wedding, sometimes, quite a bit of both!) in order to honor you by standing by your side when you wed the love of your life.  They deserve a heartfelt gift!  And what could be better suited for the occasion than something you made yourself?  Below, find a brand new bracelet project you can make for groomsman, ushers, or any other guys involved in your wedding (or girls if it suits their style!).  This project is so fast to put together, it’s great for the procrastinator (takes one to know one, right? Guilty!).

Rugged Licorice Leather Bracelet Project

A perfect gift for your groomsman and extremely easy to make.  Skip step 2 if you want a more simple bracelet without a spacer.

Skull Leather Bracelet

Licorice leather is fast, easy and fun to work with. Plus, it’s unisex.

  1. Cut an 8 inch piece of licorice leather using The Little Cut Tool.
  2. Find the center of your licorice leather and apply a dot of Zap-a-Gap.  Slide your spacer onto the dab of glue and allow it to dry for a few minutes. Be careful, a dab is truly all you need with this adhesive and if you use too much, it will overflow out the sides of the spacer and discolor the leather.
  3. Add a dot of glue to the inside of one half of your clasp.  Slide the end of the leather into it and allow a few minutes for it to dry.  Repeat on the other side to add the other half of the clasp.

Beaded Gift Ideas for your Bridesmaids

I have picked out 3 projects that would make perfect gifts for bridesmaids or any women involved in the wedding.  I chose one beginner (and very quick) design, one intermediate and one advanced, so no matter your beading skill-level, one of these will work for you!

Beginner: So-Stackable Bracelet Project

This is a very quick but very cute little bracelet you can put together for all the women in your wedding.  Consider making 2 or 3 for each person so that they can wear them layered on their wrist. You can change up the colors of the leather to match your wedding color scheme or just choose the recipient’s favorite shades! This is a perfect gift for a more non-traditional type of wedding.

Leather Bracelet Project

1mm leather and a jewelry connector make for an easy, fun bracelet design.

Intermediate: Feeling Lucky Wire Bracelet Project

Handmade, clover-style jewelry connectors and a one-of-a-kind handmade clasp make this bracelet very special.  If the colors shown don’t work for you, simply select a wire color and five coin beads that suit your taste (you don’t necessarily have to use lampwork as shown).  You could match the beads to your bridesmaids dresses so they can all wear them in your wedding.  Or, you could choose your beads based on the recipient’s favorite colors.  This project requires some knowledge of wire working, but don’t shy away from it if you are new because we have a great instructional video that shows how to make the clasp.

Wire and Lampwork Bracelet

Feeling Lucky Wire Bracelet Project

Advanced: Regal Ruby Earrings Project

Line a Swarovski crystal round and bicone with seed beads to really dress them up!  Just as above, you can change up the colors to suit the tastes of the recipient, or you can make them to match their bridesmaids dresses so they can wear them in the wedding ceremony.  Some of you may not consider this project “advanced.”  It is fairly simply thread-work but I have to admit, I consider anything that requires me to thread a needle to be “advanced”!

Swarovski Crystal Earrings

Regal Ruby Earrings Project

So have you ever beaded for a wedding?  Was it your own or someone else’s?  I would love to see photos of any bridal jewelry making endeavors y’all have embarked on!

Kelly Henderson

Kelly Henderson is a jewelry designer and editor of the Auntie's Beads blog. When she's not beading, you might find her chasing her one-year-old son, Sawyer, watching bad reality TV or reading a good book.

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