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Adam, Host of Bead Chat

Adam Henderson, Co-Host of Auntie’s Beads “Bead Chat”

It’s no big secret that creative inspiration can come from a variety of surprising places. Impressionist artists, for example, would often paint together in groups or meet for discussions on their common interest led by a well-respected contemporary (in this case, Manet) at a local cafe.

Nowadays, we reach halfway across the globe with the click of a mouse and members of our particular brand of artistry, beading, can share all kinds of things about their mutual interest via man’s greatest invention: the Internet.

Now, we’re not saying that our beading community is creating the next Impressionist movement (though y’all are pretty great) and we’re certainly not implying that Auntie’s Beads is in any way its Edouard Manet, but we do think that Bead Chat has become a marvelous place to share ideas, collaborate and find that next little daub of creative inspiration for everything beading.

Bead Chat is an online community on Facebook, hosted by Auntie’s Beads, which allows people from all walks of beading life to post pictures of their latest designs, inquire about a new technique, discuss jewelry making in general or simply vent/revel in their latest learning moment/personal victory in beading. Our Bead Chat members have become a very engaged group of artists who have done a wonderful job of giving out relevant information as well as encouragement to their fellow beaders.

Indeed, it has become just the sort of supportive social environment that can be so helpful and encouraging throughout the creative process. Not to mention, it’s a great way to share your excitement for your latest project with other designers who are capable of truly recognizing the labor, resourcefulness and imaginative thought that went into your work.

So, if you haven’t already, ask to join Bead Chat hosted by Auntie’s Beads! (We have a closed version where only other members can view your posts as well as an open Bead Chat group where all posts are public.) With a total group of about 1,100 clever and inventive beaders, you’re sure to find plenty of stimulating insight and support for all of your artistic needs.

Adam Henderson

Adam Henderson is the resident operations managers at Auntie's Beads, Inc., which is basically just a fancy term for "whatever needs to be done". Adam maintains many of our social networking sites, keeps our fill room in order and personally ships out all of your beautiful beading selections. Adam enjoys writing, reading, watching sports and spending quality time with loved ones.

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