About Us

About Us

Auntie's Beads Watauga

Auntie’s Beads Watauga

Auntie’s Beads is an online retailer of beads and jewelry making supplies established in October of 2000.  Based in North Texas, Auntie’s Beads’ mission is to provide high quality products to its customers, as well as a forum for discussing jewelry making designs and all things creative. Auntie’s Beads is a family business, with everyone from 1-year-old Sawyer to 80-year-old Margie in the office on a regular basis.  You can hear from our co-founders, Susie and Ron Henderson, our jewelry design team, and other talented staff members in our bi-weekly posts.  Subscribe for beading “how to’s,” beading design patterns, tips and tricks for jewelry making, news about Auntie’s and the beading world in general, jewelry design business advice and more.



A Little History

Susie Henderson

Susie Henderson, Owner Auntie’s Beads

When Susie Henderson was selling her own custom-made jewelry at craft shows, she regularly got questions like “where did you get that” and “I want to make jewelry, too — how do I get started?”  Ron Henderson was consulting in Houston on a new web design for an oil field services company.  He would come back to his hotel room at night and work on a web site for Susie to sell beads and jewelry components.  Back home after that gig was over, Ron set up shop in the garage of their house.  As orders started coming in more and more frequently, he was allowed to graduate to the warmth of the house, and a bit later to a real office in downtown Grapevine, Texas.

Auntie’s Beads continued to grow rapidly and soon had several retail stores in 3 states as well as the fast-expanding online business.  One key to their early success was to add jewelry designers to the staff and to innovate with free design projects and our well-known and first of its kind Karla Kam series of jewelry videos.

The beading industry and online experiences continue to grow and evolve, and Auntie’s Beads is now focusing on providing the most fun, interactive, and socially-engaged web experience available to beaders of all skill levels and interests.  They do this through a number of online channels in addition to their web site at www.auntiesbead.com.  They also moderate and sponsor a highly popular Bead Chat forum on Facebook (where you can post your own jewelry designs and interact with other beaders).  And their YouTube video channel is the most viewed beading channel on the web — at this writing one video had over 1 million views — with new video launches every week featuring beading techniques and visual step-by-step instruction.

And then, of course, there’s lots of informative fun to be had right here at Auntie’s Beading Blog, edited by Kelly Henderson.